Camera Shy?

Not a problem! Even this photographer can get nervous in front of a camera. I will help you feel at ease! Just be yourself!

Can we meet you before the wedding?

Well, of course! If you book a wedding, an engagement session is included, so I'll get to meet you and your awesome fiancée and take some fun pictures! Want to meet before you book? I'm down with that too! Just let me know!

How many images do we get of our big day?

Great question! Answer: I love, love capturing every detail of your big day, so the more details you have the more pictures you will have at the end of it. Every wedding is different. Any pictures where you blinked or I was adjusting my settings will be taken out of course. Also, the more time we have shooting = the more pictures I have to give you!

What's a first look and should I have one?

A first look is just about the only time you and your soon-to-be-spouse will have time together (just the two of you!) during your wedding day. The bride gets to walk out and meet her groom in all her bridal glory. Get the tears out of the way here. Let the nerves go and get some fabulous pictures of the two of you in the process. The best part of the first look is that you two get extra portrait time before the ceremony time. More pictures for you and less of a rush after the ceremony is over. 95% of my couples choose to have a first look. It's worth it! I'm having it at my wedding.

Can we print our photos?

Of course you can! Your wedding day is just that, your wedding day. I personally wouldn't book a photographer that wouldn't give me my photos from my day, so why should you? I will offer suggestions on the best professional places to print your pictures, but that is entirely up to you. Go ahead, make a photo quilt!

What happens if your equipment or yourself gets ill on our Big Day?

I'm a member of the "be prepared" club. I always have a backup camera and batteries on hand in case something goes wrong. If I get sick, I have a network of trusted photographers I can reach out to in order to cover your big day. Rest assured, I rarely get sick.  

Need help with props or photo shoot ideas?

DIY projects and crafting is my cup of tea! I would be happy to help brainstorm ideas or create something for the session! Just let me know! Also, Pinterest is a great website for photo shoot ideas.

Really excited and want to book?

Yay! Let's meet up to sign the contract and pay the retainer fee ($400 for the Pink package, $500 for the Red and Gold packages) which is part of the total cost of the package. It saves your date on my calendar and guarantees you will be the only wedding booked for your special day! After that we can set up a payment plan if necessary and schedule out your engagement session! I'm excited!

Want to book a portrait session? Contact me to schedule a date and a place. 50% of the price reserves the date. The other 50% is due the day of. Can't wait to meet you!